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Online Pharmacies Prescription Policy

By April 19, 2020 No Comments


     With COVID-19 going on and so many people turning to online pharmacies we have found the need to implement a new policy. When we receive an online prescription request outside of our online store our staff has to go through multiple steps before approving it. We have to ensure that the prescription is the correct type, strength, dose as well as exams and bloodwork being up to date. We have to ensure the patient name and owner’s name match what we have in our computer system because many times it differs and we cannot prescribe for a name not in our system. These steps take valuable time away from our staff and with COVID-19 causing limitations in what we can do this also takes away from our small business. Due to this we have implemented a $5 prescription fee on any online pharmacy requests outside of our online pharmacy.  This must be paid prior to the prescription being authorized.

     Many times we are the same price, if not cheaper than, other online pharmacies! When you purchase products from our online pharmacy you will still receive the company’s guarantee on their products as well as any rebates the company is offering. You do NOT get this with other online stores. Also, if the product is significantly cheaper this generally means it is counterfeit. They package them to look very similar to the real thing, but what you are paying for is definitely not the same. Many times there are no active ingredients in it and there have even been instances of dangerous substances in the counterfeit product.

If you have any questions you can call our office at 410-848-3100 or email us at


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