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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Carroll County Veterinary Clinic in Westminster, Maryland! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Lynn Wimmer — Owner/Veterinarian

In October of 2005 I was fortunate enough to buy this veterinary practice. It is the perfect practice for me! I love working with our wonderful clients, their great pets, and my terrific staff.

In 2000 I graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional School of Veterinary Medicine (VMRCVM) at Virginia Tech. I loved the time I spent at VA Tech, which is located in Blacksburg, VA. The area is beautiful and the vet school is fantastic.

Family is very important to me—I have two beautiful daughters, Abby and Becca. They have spent many hours at the clinic with me as they have grown. Now that they are growing up they are also working at the clinic when they are not in school. They are true animal lovers and both intend to pursue careers with animals when they are older. We truly are a family practice.

Our family has many pets, most of them are rescues from one place or another. We are blessed to share our lives with our many animals including: our dogs Jazzy, Coco, Syd, Jojo, Sarge, and Zima,  our barn cats, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Dewey ; and our indoor cats, Tiny Tim and Astro,  1 mini mule Willy Wonka and 2 horses Tia and Princess.

When I am not working at CCVC or busy with the girls I love to go trail riding and working outside in my gardens.

Pets are an important part of our family. At CCVC we are dedicated to giving the very best care to your pets in a loving environment. We invite you to come and be a part of our client family.

Dr. Allison — Veterinarian

Dr. Allison and her family moved from Chattanooga, TN to Gettysburg in 2015 for her husband’s new job at the Seminary Ridge Museum. They have 2 daughters: Finley and Beatrix, 2 cats (Osci and Reese), a dog named Bailey, and a mare named Soleil. Time away from the office is spent proctoring online school for the girls and learning to sew while listening to audiobooks that are mostly comprised of humorous mystery novels.

Graduating from UTK in 2002, Dr. Allison has worked in a number of emergency settings as well as traveling to multiple clinics as a locum vet. Public health, zoonosis, and epidemiology are some of her top professional interests. She also has extensive experience in behavior management, physical therapy, and end of life care.

Finding a clinic like Carroll County Veterinary Clinic has been a dream and Dr. Allison is enjoying being a member of this close-knit group of caring and professional individuals.

Beki — Veterinary Technician

My name is Beki and I’ve been a technician here at CCVC since 2011.

I have a daughter named Reilley who also works as a kennel team member at the clinic.  We have 10 furry family members – many cats;  Tidbit who I bottle raised from a baby,  a 3-legged cat named Minus , Tater Tot, Stuart, Baker my one eye special boy and Magoo. We also have 4 dogs, a Jack Russell / Yorkie mix named Molly who is 12, my sweet Finnegan who is 6 and he’s a Coonhound/Catahoula/Collie mix, Mama who is our sweet 9 yr old Beagle/Pitty mix and Trixie our 13 yr old Chihuahua. And I am known as the crazy chicken lady at work with 34 hens.

I have been working with animals since I was 14. I love working here at CCVC because the staff is like family. I look forward to meeting new clients and building relationships with our patients.

Crystal — Veterinary Technician

I am Crystal and I am a technician here at Carroll County Veterinary Clinic. I have been working here since March of 2007 and love every minute of my job. I actually used to work at CCVC before Dr. Wimmer bought the practice and decided to come back because I loved it so much. Before beginning my career I took the veterinary assistant course at Carroll Community College.

Meeting new clients and pets and maintaining relationships with established clients is so rewarding. Working with new people and animals—it is like having a huge extended family. I look forward to meeting all of our clients and getting to know each of their pets.

At home my family consists of my husband Jake and our two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Ella, who are my pride and joy. I am a dance and soccer mom to my girls. We also love playing disc golf, biking and kayaking. We have many four legged family members. We have 3 dogs, Phineas and Ferb, were both adopted from our local shelter. Phineas is a 2013 model golden retriever mix and Ferb is a 2015 model jack russell mix. Negan is our 2016 model great dane mix whom we adopted from a local rescue group. We have two cats; Maleficent, a longer hair dilute calico who we adopted from the clinic in 2015 and Aurora (aka Beastie) who was brought into the clinic in 2014.  We also have 3 guinea pigs; Johnny, Kit and Kat. As you might imagine, our household is always interesting and entertaining.

Laura — Veterinary Technician

Hello, my name is Laura and I am one of the technicians here at Carroll County Veterinary Clinic. I have been employed here since November of 2004. The family atmosphere at CCVC makes coming to work just like coming to my second home. I truly enjoy working with all of our clients and their pets. I have been working with animals since 1987 and still love what I do. Every day there is something new or someone new to meet. Along with working as a technician, I also help with administrative duties here in the office.

I am married to a wonderful man and we have four beautiful children together. We also have two  collies Hank and Pippin, one full of life border collie Raven and our rescue mixed breed Maverick. Our fur family  also includes two cats Oliver & Beans and two cumberland slider turtles Oogway & Calliope . When I am not here at CCVC I am busy running the children around to all of their after school activities. Camping with my family, reading and working in the garden are some of the activities I enjoy in my free time. I look forward to meeting you and your pet(s) and helping you care for them.

Marilyn — Receptionist

Hello, my name is Marilyn. My love for veterinary medicine began with Carroll County Veterinary Clinic—as a client with furry family members who have chronic medical conditions. I have been passionate about animal rescue since childhood. I am an advocate for humane education, Trap Neuter Return, and I frequently foster orphan neonatal kittens for shelters and independently. I have five rescued feline family members: Kitt’m is a blind senior lady cat who I rescued as a young adult. Jethro, who I adopted from HSCC, is also blind due to scarring from a severe infection as a very young kitten before he was rescued. Wilder, who I rescued from LCAS when I found him as an extremely sick kitten suffering from Fading Kitten Syndrome, has severe chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Smidgen, who I rescued after she was found as an orphan at just one week of age, also has chronic IBD. And finally, Meep, another FKS survivor who I adopted right here at CCVC where she was rescued. Those five are my whole heart. CCVC saved my fur babies’ lives on many occasions and they taught me how to keep my guys and my fosters healthy and thriving. That is a gift for which I will be forever thankful. Because of this vet med team I began a career as a Veterinary Technician in the winter of 2018. I also spent some time as a CSR in an emergency veterinary hospital. I was thrilled to join the team here at CCVC in the spring of 2018. I started here as a Kennel Tech/Vet Assistant. I love spending time bonding with our patients when they come to stay with us here at the hospital. I have since transitioned into a Veterinary Technician position here at CCVC. It is an honor to be a part of this gifted team of brilliant and compassionate medical professionals who I admire greatly. I am very grateful to have the privilege to serve our wonderful clientele and their fur babies.

Tammy — Receptionist

Hello! My name is Tammy and I have been working at CCVC since Nov. 2021 as a receptionist. I got married in 2003 to my best friend, Aaron, and had 2
beautiful children, Summer and Carter. I have 1 dog, Baylee and 2 cats,
Phoenix and Hallows Eve.I just moved back to MD from SC about 2 years ago.I attended HGTC where I
got my certification in Surg Tech and Phlebotomy. I love learning new
things and when I saw an opportunity to work in a field with animals, I
jumped on it. I love my job, my coworkers, and getting to know all of you
and your fur babies. Look forward to seeing your smiling faces at the front

Abby Wimmer — Veterinary Technician

Hey, my name is Abby. I am Dr. Wimmer’s oldest daughter and I am currently attending Carroll Community College. I want to go to veterinary school, and I would like to attend the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine to obtain my DVM. I would like to follow in my mom’s footsteps and take over the practice one day. I currently work as a technician here at the clinic. My family has many pets, including dogs, cats, horses, and a mini-mule. I have 2 dogs of my own, Ralphie (little fluffy white dog) and his little brother Randy (shih tzu dachshund mix). I also have a dilute torti named Darla Jane, who I bottle raised when she was a baby. I am very happy to be apart of the CCVC family and can’t wait to meet you and your fur babies!

Becca — Veterinary Technician

Hi, my name is Becca. I am Dr. Wimmer’s youngest daughter. I have been officially working at the clinic as a technician since the summer of 2019, but you could see me running around the halls for many years before that. I love every moment I spend here and helping your fur-babies feel their best is so rewarding. At home I have a cat named Banzai. If I’m not at the clinic I’m probably riding on of my off the track thoroughbred. I compete in eventing and it’s my goal to eventually work up to the 5 star level and create my career out of it. I’m so happy to be part of the CCVC family and I can’t wait to meet all the clients and their babies.

Kathryn — Veterinary Technician

Hi, my name is Katie. I have been with the Carroll County Vet since April 2013. I am a mother to three boys: Waylon, Chase and Briggs. We like to spend most of our days outside or on the field. I am known as the crazy cat lady at work. I have 6 cats: Madeline, Missy, Maverick, Mila, Miranda and Mermaid. I just adore labrador retrievers and have two lab mixes Skye and Lolli Poppi.
I can’t wait to meet your furry family members!

Amanda — Veterinary Technician/Receptionist

Hi, my name is Amanda but everyone knows me by Mandy. I have been with CCVC since the end of December 2021. This is my dream job and I absolutely love taking care of animals. Growing up, I knew I was going to work in this field, either as a veterinarian or a technician. I love taking care of pets and making sure they are happy and healthy. I have a cat of my own named Bobby that I adopted from a client at CCVC and she is the craziest girl I know and I’d do anything for her. I treat every pet like my own and I can’t wait to meet and take care of your fur babies!

Ginger — Veterinary Technician

Hello, my name is Ginger. I started working for CCVC in March 2023. I absolutely love animals and have always wanted a career working with them. I have many of my own pets at home, I have a crazy husky named Fudd that I got as a puppy in 2018, a very loud and wild coonhound mix I adopted in 2021 named Cassie and a sweet beagle named Maxi that I took in to better her health. In addition to my dogs I have an awesome cat named Donny and a box turtle name Tom. I enjoy grooming pets in my spare time. I am a huge nerd and I love Harry Potter, Star Wars and all things Disney. I am very excited to grow in my career as a technician and to learn everything I can to help make pets happy and healthy. I look forward to meeting clients and their sweet fur-babies!

Lexi — Veterinary Assistant

I’m Alexis, also known as Lexi. Being Crystals daughter, animals have always been a significant part of my life. I am currently a senior at Francis Scott Key High School and I plan to continue my education with going to college. Since 2021, I’ve been working at this clinic, starting as a kennel tech and now as a Veterinary Assistant. My pets – Negan the dog, Beastie the cat, and Johnny the guinea pig – hold a special place in my heart. I am dedicated to providing exceptional care for all animals, I look forward to making a positive impact on countless furry friends and their loving owners in this exciting journey ahead.

Albus and Remus

Hello! We are Albus (left) and Remus (right). We came to the Carroll County Veterinary Clinic in 2017 as adult cats that needed a home. We definitely love our “bro snuggling” as you can see from our picture. We’ve been together since birth so we don’t venture far from each other. It’s taken us a while to get brave enough to come out, but if you ever see us feel free to say “HI!” If you don’t see us all you have to do is open a bag of treats and we come running. Usually we can be found in the back lounging in one of our many beds together.