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How happy is your cat to have you working from home???

By March 20, 2020 No Comments

How happy is your cat to have you home more??????

Did you know that in cats there is a direct link between stress and inflammation of the bladder?  While we think it should not be stressful that we are home more the truth is cats are creatures of habit and changes to their routine are often stressful to them.  This is of course not true of all cats and some will be happy to have you home more but there are some who will be stressed by this change.  That could result in a sterile cystitis – or cats displaying signs of a urinary tract infection without having a bacterial infection.

The bad news is that the number one symptom of urinary stress problems is cats not using the litter box – no one wants their cat suddenly urinating around the house!  Life is stressful enough right now without adding that in!

The good news is that there are things we can do to help cats feel less stressed before it causes urinary issues.  If your cat is sensitive or has a history of urinary issues it is a good idea to implement some changes now!  Trying to stick with your normal routine will help as much as possible but of course we are all home more now and it looks like that is not going to change anytime soon.

So what options do you have??????  Plenty!  This is a common problem in cats so there have been a lot of useful developments to help our kitties be less stressed.  And the good news is that if we have a current patient/doctor relationship meaning your cat has been in for an annual examination within the last year than we can authorize filling any of these products without having to see your cat!  They can be delivered right to your home and we can all do our part towards social isolation to help prevent the spread of this disease!

1.  Diet changes can help – but please remember to do any diet change slowly so we do not end up with diarrhea from sudden changes.  Science Diet makes a diet called c/d Stress – the c stands for cystitis (remember this is a sterile cystitis or inflammation of the bladder).  This diet is great for cats that urinate inappropriately because it combines things necessary for a healthy urinary system with natural supplements for stress!  A win win!  If your cat is already urinating outside of the box the canned version of this diet is preferred.  However there is a dry version and it can be used if your cat is used to dry food.

You can order this diet from our on line store here:

2.  Kitty pheromones!  What are pheromones?  These are “harmony messages” that cats produce to communicate with each other.  Have you ever seen your cat rub his/her face against corners/furniture/people/etc? – they are leaving odorless messages that can provide comfort and security to cats.  These harmony messages have been made into a diffuser and can be continuously diffused into your cats environment to reduce their stress.  It’s as easy as plugging in the diffuser!

  You can order Feliway diffuser and refills here:

3.  Natural calming treats – we also use all natural treats that can reduce stress and keep your cat happier.  Composure is one of our more popular options and is well tolerated.  We all know cats can be finicky and some will not eat it but it is guaranteed and can be returned if your cat will not eat it.  It is very safe and can help a lot of cats during this stressful time.

Composure can be ordered from our on line store:

4.  Joint supplements – sound strange?  Glucosamine is also good for the bladder wall and can help to reduce inflammation – these are 100% safe and good for older cats to help with arthritic changes too!  We have a few options to help with picky cats – glycoflex is a chewable treat and Dasuquin is a capsule that you can open and sprinkle the powder of their food.


These options are available in our on line store as well:



Remember that our furry family is very intuitive and they do pick up on our stress too.  If we are proactive now we can reduce the chance of your cat developing an inappropriate urination problem!  If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at (410) 848-3100.

There will be some cats that the above changes will not be enough and they will require prescription medications for anxiety – please call our office to determine if your cat is a good candidate for one of these prescriptions and if we would need to see your cat first.

Lets work together to keep our feline patients happy and content in this time of big changes!


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