Canine Respiratory Illnesses

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We wanted to let you know that we have been seeing an increase in respiratory illnesses among our canine patients lately. This is something that has been noted in our surrounding states as well. In our area we have seen a few cases of Bordetella (kennel cough) and in our surrounding areas there have been outbreaks of Bordetella and Canine Influenza. Bordetella can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia, especially in young, old or immunocompromised patients. We are also hearing that there is a resistant strain of Bordetella going around that does not always respond to treatment. Influenza has the potential to be fatal in some dogs. Preventing these diseases is always safer for your dog!

If your dog goes to the groomer, dog parks, doggie daycare, pet stores, training or comes into contact with other dogs at all it is highly recommended they be vaccinated for both of these illnesses. Always remember that even if your dog never leaves your yard there is potential exposure from dogs that walk by. You never know what illness the other dogs may be carrying and both of these respiratory illnesses are very contagious.

If you are unsure if your pet is vaccinated just call our office at 410-848-3100. If you are a patient of our office and have seen the doctor for a healthy visit within the last year and need to booster or start either of these vaccines call our office at 410-848-3100 and we can do this as a technician appointment. If your dog develops a cough try to isolate your dog from other dogs and call our office to determine if your dog needs to be seen. We hope your furry family members stay well

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