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Corn on the Cob

By July 14, 2016 No Comments

Corn on the Cob



One of everyone’s favorite summer foods is corn on the cob. But what happens when you have the cob left? Of course we throw it away – and then those nosy pets of ours go through the trash and find the cobs. What’s so bad about that you might ask? Here’s why we should never allow our pets to have corn on the cob.



As you can see – the circle near the middle of the x-ray shows a corn cob that is stuck in the intestinal tract of this dog.  Corn cobs unfortunately almost always need surgical removal. They do not break down once in the body and become stuck as it moves through the body.  Exploratory surgery to remove the corn cob is a major expense and is very painful and difficult on the pet as well.

So be sure to keep your corn cobs away from your pets so we don’t have to see them for surgery. If you have any questions about this or concerns about your pet please contact us at 410-848-3100.

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