Tickborne Illnesses in our pets

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Most of us have heard of heard about lymes disease. Whether we have had our self or know someone who is had it, it is very prevalent in this area. Did you know that dogs can contract lymes disease? Did you know that there is a vaccine available to help prevent that? Do you know that most of the tick preventative is that we carry can help prevent text from being able to transmit any type of disease before they die?
Medicine has made some great advances lately. The new Lyme vaccine that we carry has what’s called two different Osps in it. This means it helps prevent Lyme disease when it’s in the tick and also after the tick has bitten the pet. The way the lymes Spirochete works is that it changes its form after the tick bites the pet. So this new vaccine vaccinated for both forms, so basically you are vaccinating the tick and the pet.


When you are using a good quality flea and tick preventative like the ones we carry in the office then that tick will have no chance to pass the lymes disease or any other tickborne illness onto another pet or a person because they will die. These preventatives keep them from being able to pass on diseases before they die. Lymes isn’t the only disease that is out here. We see quite a bit of ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis as well in our pets. Those are the most common tickborne illnesses that we see in that is what our annual 4DX test will test them for. That way if it is found early we can prevent them from becoming sick.



If you have any questions about the Lyme vaccine or flea and tick preventatives in general please stop by or call the office at 410–848–3100.


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