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Hello, my name is Marilyn. My love for veterinary medicine began with Carroll County Veterinary Clinic—as a client with furry family members who have chronic medical conditions. I have been passionate about animal rescue since childhood. I am an advocate for humane education, Trap Neuter Return, and I frequently foster orphan neonatal kittens for shelters and independently. I have five rescued feline family members: Kitt’m is a blind senior lady cat who I rescued as a young adult. Jethro, who I adopted from HSCC, is also blind due to scarring from a severe infection as a very young kitten before he was rescued. Wilder, who I rescued from LCAS when I found him as an extremely sick kitten suffering from Fading Kitten Syndrome, has severe chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Smidgen, who I rescued after she was found as an orphan at just one week of age, also has chronic IBD. And finally, Meep, another FKS survivor who I adopted right here at CCVC where she was rescued. Those five are my whole heart. CCVC saved my fur babies’ lives on many occasions and they taught me how to keep my guys and my fosters healthy and thriving. That is a gift for which I will be forever thankful. Because of this vet med team I began a career as a Veterinary Technician in the winter of 2018. I also spent some time as a CSR in an emergency veterinary hospital. I was thrilled to join the team here at CCVC in the spring of 2018. I started here as a Kennel Tech/Vet Assistant. I love spending time bonding with our patients when they come to stay with us here at the hospital. I have since transitioned into a Veterinary Technician position here at CCVC. It is an honor to be a part of this gifted team of brilliant and compassionate medical professionals who I admire greatly. I am very grateful to have the privilege to serve our wonderful clientele and their fur babies.