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Meow, my name is Henry. I have been the hospital cat since 2012. Before finding my forever home here at CCVC I was a wanderer. Lucky for me I found my way into Dr. Wimmer’s barn one day. She saw that I was in need of some help and brought me to the office. First they scanned me for a microchip, but I did not have one. Next they took care of the matts in my coat. I had a funny haircut for a while but it felt so much better. I spent a couple of months getting use to everyone before I officially earned my title of hospital cat.

My favorite parts of the day include meeting people, playing with my toys in the hall, sleeping in multiple places around the office, and of course meal time. I have to be brushed every day which didn’t use to be something I liked, but I’m starting to enjoy it. A couple of months ago I wasn’t eating or playing as much so I started having laser therapy done once a week on my mouth for my stomatitis. It has helped to bring down the inflammation in my gums and now my appetite is much better. I have also recently been diagnosed and hyperthyroid so now I take medicine every day to regulate my thyroid. I’m a very good boy and like it in my food. I hope to see you next time you stop by!