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    Jun 22 2016

    It’s such a beautiful time of year. Fall is here, the leaves are changing colors, fall plants are blooming and fall allergies are in full swing.  Since a pets histamine…

  • Pyometra

    Jun 22 2016

    PYOMETRA “Spaying your pet will prevent later illness.” Who has heard their veterinarian say this? But what “later illness” are they referring to? No, your veterinarian is not saying this…

  • Springtime Hazards Over the Counter Pain Medications for Pets

    Apr 21 2016

    This is a really common scenario we see in the office.  Dog is outside playing and comes in limping on a leg.  Vet office is closed for the day or…

  • Springtime Hazards

    Mar 22 2016

    Now that spring is here and Easter is almost upon us, please remember there are a lot of hazards to your pet that come around this time of year.  Always…

  • Heartworm Disease

    Feb 13 2016

    This is our in house 4DX Snap test we recommend be done annually on all dogs. Unfortunately over the past week, we have diagnosed 2 new cases of heartworm disease…

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    Dental – Now with Dental X-Ray

    Jan 15 2016

    So you just had your pet in to have their exam done with the veterinarian and were told they have dental disease and need to have their teeth cleaned. What…

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    Nail Trims

    Jan 07 2016

    One of the most basic yet most difficult things that we do for our pets is trimming their nails. So many pets do not enjoy their feet to her toes…

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    Muzzle – It’s not a dirty word

    Dec 14 2015

    Many pet owners have a negative feeling towards the thought of their pet being muzzled.. Their first thought  is “My dog is not aggressive or mean, why does he need…

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    Traveling with your pet during the holidays

    Nov 30 2015

    The holidays for your pet generally means a change in their normal routines. Families are traveling, work schedules change and school schedules change. For your pet sometimes it means them…

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    Xylitol and your dog

    Oct 05 2015

    What exactly is xylitol and why is it dangerous for dogs? Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is found in many human foods. It is not dangerous for people to…