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“Spaying your pet will prevent later illness.” Who has heard their veterinarian say this? But what “later illness” are they referring to? No, your veterinarian is not saying this just because they want your money. Spaying your pet early in life can absolutely prevent illness and even death due entirely to being unspayed. The one big illness that can be life threatening is called a pyometra.

So what is a pyometra? A pyometra is an infection in the uterus. This means that the uterus filled up with pus (white blood cells and bacteria) and is at a very high risk for rupturing if not treated immediately. Pets of any age can develop a pyometra and once they do emergency surgery is needed. There is no other way around a pyometra – surgery is the only option once this condition develops. However, now that the pet is ill this surgery is much riskier than when they were a young puppy.

The surgery performed is an ovariohysterectomy – or a spay. But this is no longer a routine spay. Now the pet is ill and the area where the surgery needs to be performed is full of infection and infection is not what any surgeon wants in their surgical site.  And of course, this happens largely when regular veterinarians are closed and the only option is the emergency hospital where costs are much higher.

So, how is pyometra prevented?? Easy, spay your pet before they ever go through a heat cycle. This is why your veterinarian always recommends spaying your pet young.

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